It’s the freaking weekend

Friday night at home alone = a good book and early bedtime.  Not so sure what to start reading, though. Harry Potter? The Lord of the Rings?  I’m kind of feeling into that whole wizardy-woo stuff. The problem is that I’ve never been able to really get into either book once I start reading it. Sure, I’ll get a few chapters in, but then my interest just sort of… fizzles out. I wish 2 things: 1) that I owned the book Running With Scissors, and 2) that books weren’t so dadgum expensive. In the case of the latter, I would just buy it. But unfortunately, books ARE expensive. And I’m certainly not going to spendany money on it. No sirree.

I suppose if I can’t find a good book to read I could just stare into the eyes of these two for the rest of my life. Don’t they just melt your heart?


Well, I’m off to bed! Goodnight!!


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