Friday Fever

It’s the weekend! Daniel has been in Austin most of this week visiting family and I’ve been stuck at home with the pups. I’m not complaining though. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my old pal Dexter, gearing up for the new season.


I can’t wait for it to start! Talk about a cliff hanger… Sheesh. If you haven’t seen it yet I will spare you this one time. But only once. Get in line and get caught up. And if you don’t like Dexter… Well, not so sure we can still be friends. Just kidding. We’ll always be friends. I’m just can’t not like someone over a tv show. …right?


In other news, I had a movie date tonight with some of my best friends. We saw The Campaign. It was pretty good – definitely not a movie I would feel the desire to watch again or purchase, but good. After the flick we caught half price appetizers at Applebee’s. It’s pretty much a weekend ritual. They know us there.


Have a great weekend! xoxox


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