Photoshop, take #1




Just some random shots from our honeymoon. I just got both sets of Totally Rad! Actions for Photoshop and I’ve been editing away at (old) pictures learning as much as I can before my new camera gets here! I’m excited about a new challenge and am very much looking forward to learning a new skill. Since finishing college I’ve been looking for ways to stimulate my brain… and I think I’ve found just the solution! 


I’m off to celebrate the first official “Spooky Friday” of the year. You might be asking yourself, “what’s ‘spooky Friday’?” It’s an unofficial holiday that we made up today. Here’s how it works: pick a day and go to as many scary spots as you can think of. We’ve heard a lots about Tony Capone’s burial site, the haunted mansion south of town, and (gasp!) the KKK cave around here. So we’re off. Spooky Friday. Full effect.  Wish us luck!! 


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