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iPhone 5! Woohoo!



the beginning

So, here’s a story. Photography is hard. The end. Pretty good, huh? I think I deserve an award for that one. Published author right here. Yessir. ….so anyway… Not only is there so much to learn about photography, there are so many elements that encompass the art as a whole. It is difficult – but, I will not be swayed. The challenge is fun. The moment I figure out the one setting that is making every single picture totally white makes it so worth it. Since I have taken on this interest in photography, I have paid much more attention to others work. It really is crazy how much you can learn just from looking at a picture. Monkey see, monkey do. Or something like that.

I’m not really sure what this place even is. I think it’s a railroad junk yard. It’s definitely not a regular junk yard, even though it most certainly looks like it. The place is kind of an eyesore right smack in the middle of town, just behind Main St. To me, it’s a treasure. By far one of my favorite places in town to “visit”. And by “visit” I mostly mean drive by and admire. The barrels are so colorful – and there are so many of them.

Is it weird that the junkyard is a bit calming to me? Probably. I’m sorry. Mostly because I’m weird. And that you have to put up with me. Also, because I don’t really use proper writing etiquette. Strike two. Sorry, Mrs. Schafer.

Well, friends, I’m off to St. Louis for the weekend. A beautiful wedding, beautiful weather, AND THE FREAKING ZOO are waiting for me. Cheers!