January in a Nutshell

Life is busy, ya know? The first month of 2013 is about to come to an end and so far my New Years resolution of blogging more has been a whopping dud. BUT. I will not give up. I will not allow myself to be defeated. Surely there is at lest one person in all of the interwebz who finds something useful in reading my blogs (Hi, Mom). Alas, I carry on.

In other news I just celebrated my 25th birthday. I am excited about this year and all the things in store for this life. Sure, I might go go bed at 9:59pm most nights, but what 25 year old still stays up until 3am? …Nevermind. In the words of Popeye- I yam who I yam.

Following my 25th birthday, the Mister surprised me with s fancy new gadget and I am happy to report that I have entered the wonderful world of iPad. Annnnnnnnd it’s awesome. I whipped up a quick travel case tonight with some of the vinyl on found on clearance a while back. I don’t want to say I’m surprised at how well it turned out, but I think I really am. For being my first time sewing with vinyl, I’m genuinely impressed with myself.

I’ve got a feeling, folks. A feeling that its going to be a great year. Cheers!!

Also, let me just add in re-reading this post after publishing: I really need to start proof reading. Forgive me for my horrible grammar and abundant errors. It was my first attempt at typing on the ‘pad.


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