Snowma, snowma, snowmageddon

For the winter lovers out there, you know that wonderful you get when it’s snowing for the first time? It’s a great feeling – so warm and cozy. Now, imagine that same feeling except loud, and crashing, and scrapping. Makes the snow not so pleasant anymore, eh?

That was my morning. Abruptly awoken at 5 am by the crash of thunder and the clawing of freezing rain at my window. I worry that many of you may have understood the term ‘freezing rain’ to be synonymous with sleet. No, I’m talking gallons upon gallons of hail pounding at my window. But then it snowed. So you know, whatever.

And then I came to work. And I walked downtown through the gallons upon gallons of crazy ice-hail-snow-rain.


So how is your day going?


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