life: thoughts and beliefs

my name is kristen. 

i am 25 years old.

i live in joplin missouri.

i am married.

my husband is without a doubt the best friend i have ever had in life.

i believe that god is real.

i was raised on the belief that you should be nice to everyone, because you never know what type of day the other person is having.

i believe that joy is a choice to be made each day.

i have learned throughout life that bullies are only bullies if you allow them to be. 

it bothers me much more than it should when people pray prayers via social networks.

i do not believe that war will bring forward the peace or freedom that is has promised.


i think that people, myself included, spent way too much time comparing. 

i hate showering. 

i believe that no matter the circumstance, things will be ok in the end.

i believe this because joy is a choice.

i don’t think that greatness is defined by how successful you become.




i believe that each of us has the power to change the world. it starts with you. it overflows with your joy. and it spreads with kindness.

do something great today. xo