rock ‘n roll kids

Well, I updated the blog layout.  Hold your applause – I know, I know… it looks awesome. *thanks* 

Daniel is in Austin this weekend helping his momma move to Dallas, so I’m riding solo. This weekend is also the Route 66 International Festival in downtown Joplin. Vendors were setting up allllll day right outside of my office window. It was very distracting, but it’s also it’s Friday so I didn’t mind much. Except that the dude who set up in front of my office was selling kettle corn and funnel cakes and I could smell them. all. day. I am proud to report, however, that I did not purchase either. I actually ate the lunch that I packed this morning (crazy, right?)  The festival seemed like a bit of a dud today. I’m hoping that tomorrow it might step up the festival game. I’ll be in Springfield all day tomorrow doing some wedding craft shopping with the mom and sister, but I plan to be back in town before the car show starts. Apparently Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen are going to be in town too. If I meet them I might die (and yes, I realize they are fictional characters. Let me have my fun).

Sunday is laundry, dishes, general-whatever-day. I’m kind of excited about a day of nothing.