rock ‘n roll kids

Well, I updated the blog layout.  Hold your applause – I know, I know… it looks awesome. *thanks* 

Daniel is in Austin this weekend helping his momma move to Dallas, so I’m riding solo. This weekend is also the Route 66 International Festival in downtown Joplin. Vendors were setting up allllll day right outside of my office window. It was very distracting, but it’s also it’s Friday so I didn’t mind much. Except that the dude who set up in front of my office was selling kettle corn and funnel cakes and I could smell them. all. day. I am proud to report, however, that I did not purchase either. I actually ate the lunch that I packed this morning (crazy, right?)  The festival seemed like a bit of a dud today. I’m hoping that tomorrow it might step up the festival game. I’ll be in Springfield all day tomorrow doing some wedding craft shopping with the mom and sister, but I plan to be back in town before the car show starts. Apparently Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen are going to be in town too. If I meet them I might die (and yes, I realize they are fictional characters. Let me have my fun).

Sunday is laundry, dishes, general-whatever-day. I’m kind of excited about a day of nothing.





Just popping in to say hello.  How ridiculous is it that it is already October 17?  I can’t believe it.  I’m trying to convince myself that if I keep turning back time in my head everything will stop moving forward.  I don’t think it is actually going to work.  Oh well.  Life continues and we press on, same as always, in a forward motion. I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks the truth of that fact.  Life moves forward.  Things happen, situations present themselves.  You can choose to move along with the current, or you can’t fight the tide and try to stay where you are.  Neither may be the most comfortable, but I can guarantee that floating down a river is a lot better than trying to sit still in it.  I hope you all have a great week rest of the week.


As previously stated, I will be a back later this week with a home DIY… or maybe next week…


Life Lately

Just as there are seasons of the Earth, there are also seasons of life. You guys know what I’m talking about- busy seasons and slow seasons. I am in a busy season. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, but its also always the busiest. I have a love-hate relationship with this fact. There’s just something about bundling that gets me giddy. Little girl giddy. And, I love it. Hoodies, coats, scarves, boots. Me oh my. I wish it would last forever. I often wish life moved more slowly throughout the fall so that I could enjoy these moments even longer. Unfortunately, though, I don’t think that life cares much for my opinion, so I try to make the best of the moments I have. No matter how quickly they seem to pass.

Here’s a peak into life as of late. I’ve been busy. Super busy. Sometimes I think way more busy than I should be. But then I ask myself: what is my life if I don’t live it? No one else is going to live it for me and that whole vicarious-living-through-another-person thing really is just no fun. Besides, busy or not, there is at least one thing about each day that is beautiful. Just absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. I don’t even believe that this beauty is something I have to seek out. Beautiful things already exist. All I have to do is slow down long enough to notice them.














Tomorrow is a much needed day of rest. Cuddling up on the couch with a ball of yarn and a warm fire is just a night away. Patience is a virtue. Persistence is the key.