Snowma, snowma, snowmageddon

For the winter lovers out there, you know that wonderful you get when it’s snowing for the first time? It’s a great feeling – so warm and cozy. Now, imagine that same feeling except loud, and crashing, and scrapping. Makes the snow not so pleasant anymore, eh?

That was my morning. Abruptly awoken at 5 am by the crash of thunder and the clawing of freezing rain at my window. I worry that many of you may have understood the term ‘freezing rain’ to be synonymous with sleet. No, I’m talking gallons upon gallons of hail pounding at my window. But then it snowed. So you know, whatever.

And then I came to work. And I walked downtown through the gallons upon gallons of crazy ice-hail-snow-rain.


So how is your day going?


Don’t judge me

Ok, so remember when I said that I was going to blog more in 2013? Well, lets not talk about how awful I have been in keeping that promise and instead talk about this:


Lee Unkrich’s new project: The Untitled Dia De Los Muertos film. Eeeeep! I’ve heard rumors of this project, and while it still doesn’t have a cemented release date, it is currently slated for 2015 or 2016. The focus of the film: family. Which makes sense, given Pixar’s history and target audience. I’m very excited to see the life that comes out of this film (get it).

For those of you who don’t care to get excited about something that is multiple years away, how about this:


Isn’t he cute? Monster’s University will be here before you know it! Now excuse me while I go confess to more of the world how much of a geek I am.

weekend thrifts

feb2 thrifting 2


Here’s a few snap shots from Courtnie and I’s thrifting adventure last weekend. We headed out West to great unknown of Kansas and actually, had a really great time.  Who knew that the state of Kansas could be so fun? (My apologizes for the all the Kansas-folk out there, it’s not really that I have anything against your state, it’s just that I don’t really have anything for your state, ya know?)feb2 thrifting 3feb2 thrifting 5feb2 thrifting 6feb 2 thrifting 3(just incase you were confused…)

feb 2 thrifting 4feb2 thrifting 7

We had lunch at this cute little diner on the square in Pittsburg.  I think it was called Otto’s. Friendly people, good prices and pretty good food. feb2 thrifting 8Also, I’m pretty sure Mike didn’t really like us. Oh well. We still had a great day.

mile a day

Run or die.


Just kidding.

Today I started the Mile a Day challenge.  I think that most typically this challenge runs during the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas, but I have taken it upon myself to run the entire month of February. The challenge itself is rather simple: run a mile every day. Pretty obvious, right? A few bloggers that I follow on Instagram completed the mile a day challenge and it was very encouraging to follow along in their journey.  I found myself rooting for them – which is rather absurd because most of them I haven’t met in person – and I believe that seeing those pictures each and every day fostered within myself a sense to try the challenge on my own.

Let me point out a couple of things here…

#1. I am not a runner. Really, I am not athletically inclined in any way. I think that in my entire life I have run maybe 2 miles (not consecutively) without stopping and that includes grade school P.E.

#2. I am not running to be cool. If thumping down the street like an oompa loompa, huffing and puffing at every stop sign is cool, then I retract my previous statement and I am actually doing this to be the coolest of cool.

I don’t think that the mile a day challenge isn’t about running a mile every day. OK – literally, that is what it’s about, but I think it is also about so much more than that. The mile a day challenge to me, is just that – a challenge. If you do something you are already good at then it isn’t very challenging, right? Making a conscious effort to get outside and run a mile every day is a discipline; It builds character, and in a weird way, I believe it also builds patience. Am I going to actually run a mile every single day? No. Will I at least walk a mile every single day? Yes. Is following through with the discipline of making myself attempt running a mile every day going to also build patience? You bet.

I am excited about this endeavor. Is it going to be difficult? Absolutely. Will it be worth it? I sure think so. Feel free to follow along in the fun with me on Instagram: @kristensux or with everyone via #mileaday.