January in a Nutshell

Life is busy, ya know? The first month of 2013 is about to come to an end and so far my New Years resolution of blogging more has been a whopping dud. BUT. I will not give up. I will not allow myself to be defeated. Surely there is at lest one person in all of the interwebz who finds something useful in reading my blogs (Hi, Mom). Alas, I carry on.

In other news I just celebrated my 25th birthday. I am excited about this year and all the things in store for this life. Sure, I might go go bed at 9:59pm most nights, but what 25 year old still stays up until 3am? …Nevermind. In the words of Popeye- I yam who I yam.

Following my 25th birthday, the Mister surprised me with s fancy new gadget and I am happy to report that I have entered the wonderful world of iPad. Annnnnnnnd it’s awesome. I whipped up a quick travel case tonight with some of the vinyl on found on clearance a while back. I don’t want to say I’m surprised at how well it turned out, but I think I really am. For being my first time sewing with vinyl, I’m genuinely impressed with myself.

I’ve got a feeling, folks. A feeling that its going to be a great year. Cheers!!

Also, let me just add in re-reading this post after publishing: I really need to start proof reading. Forgive me for my horrible grammar and abundant errors. It was my first attempt at typing on the ‘pad.



So tonight I was planning to prepare a post about my first craft of the 52-week craft challenge.  I had great intentions – the Mister is out for the evening, the pups are sleeping in front of the fireplace, and I’m here, on the couch, with the computer.  Then the news was over and comedy Thursdays started.  I’m a sucker for comedy Thursdays.  Plus, the winter season of Parks and Rec premieres tonight.

So now as I sit and wait (anxiously), and agonize through the horror of the Office, I am writing this post.  I am proud to report that I have successfully completed the first week of my 52-week craft challenge.  Week 1/52: Fabric flowers & felted rose hair clips.  This week’s craft challenge is proudly brought to you by GLUE GUNS. I have finally joined the glue gun world, and man, it feels great.

Friends, I will leave you with this…


Take a break and enjoy some waffles.

**Edit** – Well, as it turns out Parks and Rec doesn’t premiere until NEXT Thursday.  Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep now.



2013 Goals & Dreams


Let’s be honest… December was a pretty awful month. One of the worst I’ve experienced in a while. Trials were plenty in the final month of 2012, but its a new year folks. And a new year means a new you… Or something like that.

I am just a little behind in setting my goals for 2013, which I blame entirely on the crappy month that was December 2012. But you know what they say- late is better than never.

The first few days of the new year echoed pretty heavily in the awfulness that was last month. Today I attended a memorial service for a very good friend. Life is hard, and sometimes shit happens. But one thing I (re)-learned today is that you can’t stop living. You can choose to be a victim, or you can choose to be a survivor. You may not be able to change your circumstance, but you can always change your attitude.

I am hoping that 2013 will be a good year for me. I started a small business venture with my best friend. I have a strong desire to better my skills at photography. I want to find contentment in a minimalistic life. I have set goals that i actually care about achieving. This year, I want to live intentionally and document my adventures and experiences on this blog. I know, I know. Blogging. Consistently. Definitely not my thing in the past, but I am giving it an honest effort this year. To further encourage my primary goal for the year, I have developed a few smaller goals that I think will very much steer me in the right direction:

2013 Goals & Dreams:
1. 52 Week Craft Challenge – create at least one thing for every week of the year.
2. Take more pictures. Landscape, people, lifestyle – I want to further my photography skills, and further them greatly.
3. Shop second-hand and thrifted whenever possible. I don’t want to spend money on retail this year. I pledge to make instead of buy. Waste not, want not.
4. Cook more at home and eat Vegan.
5. Blog about it. I have challenged myself as a part of my 52 week craft challenge to blog my adventures. One blog post a week (at least!).

If you haven’t set any goals for 2013, I would challenge you to do so. It doesn’t have to be a year-long challenge or goal. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or overwhelming, but it should be something. Challenge yourself to a better life in the new year. Choose to be a survivor; do not allow yourself to become a victim.